Yin Yoga 1hr Session - Be Resilient [Example of a Yin Yoga audio in this course]

Recharge: Be Resilient - Yin Yoga Sequence

My Yin Yoga teacher says; "Yin Yoga is medicine for the modern world!"

After immersing myself in my Yin practice, I have to say I agree with him.

This Yin session's focus is on sending love & nurturing energy to your kidneys & bladder and therefore, resting, restoring and recharging your system.

It's a wonderfully nurturing session!

Yin Yoga is designed to slow you down.

The magic only happens after you hold a yoga posture for 3 minutes or more.

In this section I have given you: 

  • An audio version - where I speak through an hour-long session (click on the triangle below to start the audio session).
  • A PDF 'Posture Guide' - so you can see what the postures look like.

Remember always use pillows, cushions, bolsters, blankets, blocks or other props that will help you feel more comfortable. The more comfortable you are the 'better' you are at Yin.

Yin Yoga is not focusing on what the Yoga poses look like, but rather how it feels - read more about Yin Yoga and the benefits in my blog here.

Sending you so much Yin Love


Living Yinly- Be Resilient_Yin Yoga Sequence.pdf