How to do Sun Salutations [Video]

What is a Sun Salutation and how to do them?

A Sun Salutation (or Surya Namaskar) is a sequence of Yoga postures that are done in connection with your breath. There are many variations of Surya Namaskar, as there are various styles of yoga. In ancient times a Sun Salute was traditionally done at sunrise facing the rising sun and giving thanks for all that the sun provides to us on earth – warmth, life, growth and prosperity. It is a physically strong practice that will challenge your mind as your body works through the asanas or postures.

Sun Salutations are great for a basic warm-up and give you a full-body stretch. They are a fabulous way to wake up and invigorate your body & mind in the morning (who needs a coffee?), as well as add them into your at-home-yoga routine to spice it up and add more energy to your sequence.

If you wish to do more invigorating exercise, then add on x10 Sun Salutations to the beginning of any of the Yang Yoga sessions I have given you in this course. That should take you about an extra 10 minutes.

In this video, I have given you three different variations - from more gentle, to more challenging - so you can decide on the day which variation suits you best.

If you decide to ever challenge yourself, then why not try doing 108 Sun Salutations? Here is an article I wrote for Natural Medicine Magazine on doing 108 Sun Salutations for Summer Solstice!

Namaste :)