What is the concept of Living Yinly

What is the concept of Living Yinly?

Living Yinly is a holistic and natural concept that I have developed which combines:

* My 20 years of personal and professional experience: 

  • Working in the Women's Wellness & Corporate Wellness industry since 2007,
  • having taught more than 6 500 yoga classes, 
  • organizing & facilitating many retreats world-wide since 2013, 
  • starting up and working in 4 wellness businesses, 
  • being an author, writer, speaker & internationally accredited Life Coach
  • having experienced my own burnout & chronic fatigue and then recovery.

* Ancient healing tools:

  • Yoga, 
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine, 
  • Ayurveda, 
  • the Chakra System

* Plus modern sciences and Life Coaching techniques.

The '5 Step Path to Living Yinly' guides and empowers you to radically transform & redesign the five major areas of your life - Lifestyle Habits, Health, Work, Relationships and Abundance - so that you can slow down, tune in, let go, wake up… and LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE!!

The 5 Step Path to Living Yinly

Step 1: Let Go (Lifestyle Habits)

Let go of what is holding you back from living Your Best Life!

What is draining your energy, and what limiting beliefs are no longer serving you in your life? How can you clear the path and overcome obstacles? This first step is about letting go of what no longer serves you, about rewriting your story and ultimately, consciously choosing to create more freedom in your life.

Step 1 looks at your LIFESTYLE HABITS and choices and empowers you to redesign your life and take your power back… but in a gentle, compassionate and Yinly way!

Step 2: Recharge (Health)

Nurture your body, mind and soul!

How is stress impacting your health? How can you increase your energy and decrease anxiety or fatigue… but by doing less?

Self-care tools and simple healthy habits – that you can realistically implement into your daily routine – assist you to stress less and live more, give less and receive more, do less and relax more, Yang less, and Yin more.

Step 2 looks at your HEALTH, and how you can recharge your batteries – because without your health… you have nothing!

Step 3: Envision (Work)

Envision your dreams!

Know your unique gifts and purpose! Get clarity on what, why, who and how you can create your ideal Life from a work perspective. How can you do what you love, love what you do and get paid for it?

Step 3 Looks at your WORK and how to envision and plan, so you feel charged, motivated and ready to inspire the world… but without burning out along the way!

Step 4: Flourish (Relationships)

Create healthy & happy relationships with yourself and your loved ones!

Discover how to give AND receive and open your heart to invite loving relationships into your life. How can you increase your self-worth, self-love and self-acceptance, so you feel radiant, alive and loved!

Step 4 is about RELATIONSHIPS and going out into the world, opening your heart, taking action on living a life you love and fully experiencing and expressing love in a healthy, nourishing and nurturing way… but without losing yourself in the process!

Step 5: Manifest (Abundance)

Manifest magic and abundance into your life!

Bust your money myths, create positive beliefs and discover how to manifest abundance through many different forms.

Step 5 Looks at ABUNDANCE  and how the more you slow down and tune in, the more you are open to receiving the gifts of the Universe! Discover how to invite success into your life… but without overworking yourself as you go!