The best way to use this course

How to use this course?

During the 5 Week Online Yoga Course, you will be guided step-by-step along the way. I have developed this course according to the themes set out in my 'Living Yinly' concept. Each of the '5 Steps of Living Yinly' has a specific theme, and you get one Yang Yoga & one Yin Yoga session per step.

What's included in this program?

This Yoga Course is focused on 'stress-management' and my Living Yinly concept, which includes the following:

  • 5x Themed 25 minute Yang Yoga Videos (Vinyasa/Hatha sessions)
  • 5x Themed 1hr Yin Yoga Audio's & PDF Posture Guides
  • FREE RESOURCES - videos & content

Each week is the same structure - split into Introduction, Yang Yoga & Yin Yoga sections.

We focus on the following themes:

  • Week 1: Let Go - Grounding & Transformation
  • Week 2: Recharge - Nurturing & Nourishing
  • Week 3: Envision - Detoxing & Uplifting
  • Week 4: Flourish - Energizing & Heart opening
  • Week 5: Manifest - Balancing & Harmonizing

In total, you get 2.5hrs of Yang Yoga videos & 5hrs of Yin Yoga Audio sessions!

How often should I do the Yoga?

You can structure how often you do the Yoga sessions per week according to your timing and schedule.

I would suggest x3 Yang Yoga sessions per week & at least x2 Yin Yoga sessions. However, you need to listen to your body, know how much time you have, and decide what is best for you.

Below are suggestions on how to structure your Yoga and fit this course into your life...

Not Much Time Now?

Then do the following:

  • One week at a time, according to the course.
  • x1 Yang Yoga session & x1 Yin Yoga session per week = 1.5hrs per week.

A lot of time on your hands?

Then do the following:

  • Don't stick to only one week at a time. You can go through the course content much quicker, and according to how you feel.
  • Week 1: x3 Yang sessions & x2 Yin Yoga sessions per week = 3.5hrs per week.
  • Week 2: Week 1: x2 Yang sessions & x3 Yin Yoga session per week = 5.5hrs. 
  • OR you can do the full course in one week and do a Yang & Yin Yoga session each day for five days. Then use that as your routine each week!

Remember, you have this course for life! So, once you have done the full course, you will always have access to those Yoga sessions. In future, to keep up your yoga practice and to stay inspired, you can decide what themed class your body feels like on any given day - do you need more detoxing, do you need more energizing, do you need more nurturing and relaxing? Then you can pick a class according to the theme and how you feel.

You are your own Guru, so listen to your body!